TORONTO -- Canada Post workers put on a procession to show support for frontline workers at hospital’s in Toronto Thursday morning.

The procession started in East York, where about 70 Canada Post vehicles circled Michael Garron Hospital with workers honking on their horns.

“These are hard times and kind of a depressing time for most people, so we want to get out there and show the healthcare workers that we are proud of them and that we stand with them,” postal worker Tim Rodgers said. 

The procession then made its way west through the city’s quiet streets to University Avenue, where many doctors, nurses and hospital staff stepped outside some Toronto’s busiest hospitals to acknowledge the overwhelming show of support. On the street and from hospital windows, many staff held signs that read “Thank you.” 

“It’s very emotional, words can’t describe how we feel about everyone showing their support,” technologist Ashley Sanquik said.

The procession circled the hospitals several times, with signs on the side of the postal vehicles that read “Be Safe” and “We love COVID heroes,” hoping to encourage healthcare workers to stay strong during this pandemic. 

“Hang in there, stay safe, you’ve got our support,” postal worker Gerard van Deelen said.

It was an overwhelming gesture from a group of essential workers to another, who are risking their lives each day to save others. 

“It gets you up every day to go to work and you know people really appreciate what you are doing,” Toronto General nurse Kim Stothart said..

Postal workers have organized similar procession in other cities including Montreal and Winnipeg.