It's been a long, cold winter and finally the Victoria Day long weekend is here. You've got the cooler packed with ice, the car loaded and the canoe is firmly strapped to the roof.

Perhaps you have a great campsite booked at an Ontario provincial park and are looking forward to sparking up -- not just the fire but a few joints as well.

Although there’s a yearly alcohol ban for parks around the long weekend, cannabis is allowed. You just have to follow the rules, such as no weed around beaches or children's areas.

"Campers visiting provincial parks can use cannabis during the liquor ban,” says Park Marketing Specialist Sheila Wiebe at Bronte Creek Park. "Rules about cannabis fall under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act while liquor use is governed by the Liquor Licence Act."

The guidelines for cannabis use are as follows:

  • Smoking tobacco or cannabis, or using an electronic cigarette (vaping), is not permitted in areas including; 
  • Buildings
  • Children’s playgrounds and 20 metres around the playground
  • Volleyball and beach volleyball areas
  • Designated swimming areas
  • Baseball diamonds
  • Soccer fields and 20 metres around any sporting or spectator areas.
  • Smoking tobacco or cannabis, or using an electronic cigarette, is permitted on a registered campsite in a provincial park.