Video cameras captured the fatal shooting of innocent bystander Hou Chang Mao last month, Toronto police have confirmed.

Surveillance cameras located outside the east-end grocery store that Mao was working at when he was hit by a stray bullet on Jan. 17 captured the altercation that involved at least three men, CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin reported.

At least half a dozen shots rang out, striking parked vehicles and store windows on Gerrard Street East, as well as Mao, a husband father and of two.

The area was bustling with shoppers at the time of the incident, but police have been frustrated because residents have not come forward with key information about the shooters.

The surveillance camera footage shows many people turned their heads and looked directly at the suspects after the shots were fired, Junkin said.

Investigators want to speak with a woman who was standing beside Mao seconds before he was gunned down. She was with a small child.

Last week, police released security camera images of two men seen fleeing the area after the shooting, but no arrests have been made.

Officers have visited the neighbourhood twice to hand out flyers and appeal for tips.

Meanwhile, the East Chinatown community where Mao lived is hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday night for the victim's children.

Zuo Xi, 23, and his sister, 18-year-old Yun Yan, speak no English. Their mother lives in China.

"They've lost their sole breadwinner," said event organizer Andrew Lang. "Mr. Mao was the only one taking care of these kids, so the need is money."

A trust fund for the children has already raised almost $50,000. The community quickly raised $10,000 after the killing so Mao could be given a proper funeral.

With a report from CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin