MARKHAM -- A man who owns a glassware and wood carvings business said he was shocked when his security camera captured a Canada Post employee appearing to toss his package down the stairs.

“I saw the Canada Post guy coming up the walk and stop and scan the package and then I see it tumbling down the stairs,” Mike Jensen, from Markham, Ont., told CTV News Toronto.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw."

Jensen designs and creates Danish-themed plates and bowls as well as crafts made from wood and said the items are breakable and need to be handled with care.

Jensen ships from his home and said last week he packed a box with two items that were being shipped to British Columbia.

Jensen said he just happened to look at his security camera footage to make sure his package had been picked up by Canada Post. After watching the footage Jensen said he worried the items inside could have been damaged.

“These items are really breakable and they aren't cheap to ship. They cost about $25 by ground. If this shows up broken the only one it looks bad on is me and then I have to replace it and it costs me money," Jensen said.

CTV News Toronto sent the video to Canada Post who have since replied with a statement on the incident.

"We apologize to our customer for this incident. We are following up internally with the employee, and ensuring proper delivery protocol is enforced with our teams throughout the region,” the statement reads.

Jensen said he packs his items carefully before shipping but adds that he's had other items shipped by Canada Post break during delivery. Jensen said the incident has left him reconsidering how he will ship his items going forward. 

“I'm really proud of what I make and to have them [Canada Post] show complete disregard for my product, it doesn't make me feel like a valued customer," Jensen said, adding that he wants assurances from Canada Post that this won’t happen again.

Canada Post said it always tries to meet the expectations of customers and that if there is ever an issue with service people are encouraged to call or email their complaint so it can be investigated.