Photos albums, various sentimental keepsakes and family heirlooms are just some of the items that are mysteriously missing from a Brampton woman’s storage unit.

The storage company, Mi-Box Moving and Mobile Storage, still hasn’t given her an answer as to how this happened and refuses reimbursement, said Debbie Kotselidis.

“They lost 95 per cent of my belongings,” she said. “Everything that I owned is now gone and they’re things I can’t get back.”

She’s also missing small appliances, electronics and kitchen utensils.

Kotselidis initially put her belongings in a storage container three years ago. Everything except for her and her daughter Athena’s beds were put in the self-contained and locked storage unit that was stored in a facility in Milton. It cost her $220 a month for three years amounting to roughly $7,000, she said.

Kotselidis told CTV News Toronto that she was the only one who should have been able to open the container because she had the key.

It became clear to her that the items in her unit were missing in early August, she said, when she tried to remove some of them.

“It took about six weeks before they finally got back to me. They were saying there were paperwork issues and that they were trying to figure out a delivery charge. But when they finally got back to me they told me that they couldn’t find a bunch of my stuff,” said Kotselidis.

“They said they had my dining room set and my wedding dress, but it seems like all my other pieces are missing.”

She’s been corresponding with the company via email and phone ever since to process a claim for reimbursement and compensation for her lost items and the $7,000 she paid to store the items. At first they were somewhat cooperative but now, she said, they haven’t returned any of her phone calls or emails.

“I’m livid. That’s my life that’s my history that’s my kid’s history. That’s gone. Furniture can be replaced, dishes can be replaced, but there are items I stored with them I can’t ever get back,” she told CTV News Toronto.

“It’s disheartening, I entrusted in them and for them to lose my belongings and not even give an indication of where or when it happened. This stuff could have been gone years ago and I’m still paying monthly for it.”

The company told CTV News Toronto that its storage agreement requires clients to obtain their own insurance for their property and said “Clients are prohibited from storing heirlooms, precious and invaluable or irreplaceable property.” It said there’s been a delay with Kotselidis because she didn’t fill out forms correctly.

“We are in the process of advising whether there are any damages owing,” they added.

Mi Box in Milton, Ontario is a separate company from the former Mi Box company that operated out of Mississauga. Mi Box of Milton was not responsible for the storage of Mrs. Kotselidis and never received any payments from her. Kotselidis and her daughter are “shocked” at the way the company is handling the situation. Athena said it could have been handled “more professionally and more maturely.”

“It is a company after all and you always want to be the most professional you can be and they were doing the complete opposite,” Athena said.

“We just want an answer or a solution so we can just move on and rebuild what we’ve lost and it’s very difficult to do that if they’re not willing to cooperate.”