Brampton teen arrested in connection with murder of Toronto rapper Houdini in May 2020

Dimarjio Jenkins, known as "Houdini," is seen in this photo. (Instagram) Dimarjio Jenkins, known as "Houdini," is seen in this photo. (Instagram) Top Stories


BREAKING | North Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea on Tuesday fired a ballistic missile over Japan, its neighbours said, escalating tests of weapons designed to strike key targets in regional U.S. allies amid stalled nuclear diplomacy.

Freeland peppered with affordability questions, as MPs set to swiftly pass GST boost

Appearing before the House of Commons Finance Committee on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland defended the government's response to Canadians' affordability concerns as 'focused' and fiscally responsible. With the passage of the GST rebate-boosting bill through the House all but a foregone conclusion, Freeland was peppered with questions from opposition MPs on a range of topics, including inflation.