TORONTO -- With international trips off the table due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadians are rushing to book a cottage or rental property for their summer vacation.

However, there are a few things you should know before you decide to rent a cottage or a vacation home to keep you and your family safe.

“Right now people have been locked up in their homes so now they are looking for somewhere to go and it's often nearby," Airbnb Canada Spokesperson Nathan Rotman told CTV News Toronto. 

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, Rotman says Airbnb has adopted strict measures to ensure that their listings are clean and safe for guests. 

“There are protocols of how to clean your home to make sure it is completely sanitized as well as making sure there is a buffer for guests,” Rotman said. 

Meanwhile, some owners of rental cottages in Port Stanley, Ont. say they are anxious to have visitors from the Greater Toronto Area and are asking renters to bring their own personal belongings and groceries as well as limiting the number of guests.

“We are going to have our renters sign a contract simply stating the cottage is sanitized from best of our ability and that they assume all responsibility while renting from us,” owner Kate Deshaw explains.

Ideally, the property should already be disinfected but to be safe, you can also do a thorough wipe-down yourself, making sure to clean high-touch surfaces like counters, faucets, doorknobs and refrigerator handles. 

You will also want to check the cancellation policy carefully and expect additional cleaning fees. You should bring sanitizer, masks and practice social distancing.

Also, don't travel if you're already sick. If someone develops symptoms during your stay, take precautions.