A restoration project is now underway at the Metropolitan United Church.

Bells located 100 steps up a spiral staircase at the corner of Queen and Church streets in downtown Toronto will soon ring true.

“We are taking down 31 bells from our 54 bell carillon to be repaired and returned in a factory in Ohio,” Dr. Patricia Wright, director of music and organist at the Metropolitan United Church, said.


The larger bells date back to 1922 and will have restoration work done in place, but the rest, weighing between 22 and 150 pounds, will be removed from their home high up in the tower.

Additionally, the carillon keyboard and cables that connect to the bells will be replaced.

“It’s getting to the point now where some notes don’t work reliably and in a year or so would be unplayable,” Wright said.

Rev. Karen Bowles with the Metropolitan United Church said they are thankful for the generosity of their congregation, which allowed this process to take place.

Metropolitan United Church

“In the summer, we have concerts so people come and sit and eat their lunch and we have a huge high needs community in this area and they come and listen to the bells,” she said. “It’s just sort of a way of bringing people together.”

A company that specializes in carillon design will oversee the work and said they plan on completing it by the spring.