Ontario Provincial Police charged a motorist on Wednesday after a vehicle was stopped while driving in a carpool lane with an inflatable mannequin as a passenger.

The 51-year-old man was charged Wednesday morning after OPP stopped a black SUV that was driving in a high occupancy vehicle lane in Oakville, Ont., based on a tip from another driver.

Const. Graham Williamson said a life-size doll on board had been dressed in a jacket and cap in order to appear to be a female passenger. "She" had been secured in place with a seat belt.

"With the seat belt on, the jacket on and the cap: You know what, it quite possibly could have passed," said Williamson.

The mannequin was seized as evidence while the jacket and cap was returned to the driver.

The driver was charged with using a high occupancy vehicle lane without enough people, and improperly entering a high occupancy vehicle lane. Each offence carries a $110.00 penalty and 3 demerit points.