A Mexican judge has issued an arrest warrant for a suspect in the grisly slaying of a vacationing Canadian couple that took place in 2006.

Nancy and Domenic Ianiero were found brutally murdered, their throats slashed, in their hotel at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort. The arrest warrant is for a security guard, Blas Delgado Fajardo, who worked there but disappeared shortly after the incident.

The warrant should put to rest any fears that two Thunder Bay, Ont., women might have had about being linked to the crime, as authorities are finally clearing them as suspects, their lawyer said Thursday.

"There are no further appeals that can be taken by the prosecutors in Quintana Roo and, as a result, there is no arrest warrant for Kimberly Kim and Cheryl Everall and there can be no extradition process for Kimberly Kim and Cheryl Everall," Eddie Greenspan said in a statement.

"Blas Delgado Fajardo is the only remaining suspect and there is now an arrest warrant for him and him alone.

"The entire matter is now finally at an end for Kimberly Kim and Cheryl Everall."

Delgado befriended the slain couple during their February 2006 stay. They were found slain on Feb. 20, 2006.

The Thunder Bay women, who were also at the resort, left for Canada the day the couple were found murdered. A few days later, Mexican police linked the murders to them.

One Mexican official went so far as to call the single mothers, "professional assassins."

Mexican police did attempt to issue warrants for the women in March 2008, but that was shot down by a court.

Delgado was a bodyguard to the governor of Quintana Roo, and local papers say he was a trained commando. He has not been seen since the killings.

The Ianieros travelled to the resort for their daughter's wedding. After dinner on Feb. 19, they went to their room, where at some point over the evening they were killed by a "professional" who slit their throats in a single slice, so that they couldn't even scream for help.

With files from The Canadian Press