TORONTO -- A Richmond Hill, Ont. man says he was concerned his fitness club was going to continue charging him for two memberships even though the gym is closed due to COVID-19.

"I can't get through to anyone there. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. I'd like them to cancel my membership until COVID-19 settles down,” Shazad Mohammed told CTV News Toronto.

Mohammed usually works out three or four times a week with his wife and currently pays $64 per month.

CTV News Toronto contacted his gym, Wynn Fitness Clubs, and a spokesperson said an email was sent to Mohammed explaining the club is freezing all memberships during the pandemic. 

“We are placing all memberships on a freeze status. We have stopped all billing to his account," the gym's spokesperson Ruth Smith said.

What are other fitness clubs doing?

On Planet Fitness Club's website it says "We have proactively frozen all memberships …you will not be charged any fees during this time."

On the Goodlife Fitness website it says "All member payments are being suspended and …will be put on freeze until further notice."

Mohammed said he doesn't recall getting an email from his club, but says he is relieved he won't have to pay fees while his gym is closed. 

"I'm happy for myself. Until the pandemic is over people shouldn't be charged so this is good news," Mohammed said.

Some clubs are offering virtual workouts at home to help you stay in shape during the pandemic.

You may be able to get videos through your own club or studio or there are plenty of other workout options online.