A Kingston man accused of impersonating a police officer and robbing several seniors in Toronto's Regent Park area has been denied bail.

Adrian McQuade, 62, appeared in a College Park courtroom on Wednesday afternoon where he agreed to stay in jail until his next court appearance.

McQuade faces 28 charges, including 14 counts of impersonating a police officer, in connection with a string of robberies in early July.

Police said a man presenting himself as a police officer approached at least 14 seniors in the Regent Park area earlier this month asking for identification. When the victims handed over their wallets, the fake officer fled.

McQuade was arrested on July 7 after police released surveillance footage of the fake officer in action.

His lawyer, Michael Morse said the judge's decision to deny McQuade bail on Wednesday was based on two concerns.

"One was whether or not he would show up in court again," he told ctvtoronto.ca.

"Also, if released, would he commit an offense?"

McQuade is scheduled to appear in court again on August 17.

According to Morse, McQuade has not decided how he will plead yet.