The Durham District School Board is refuting allegations about bullying incidents at a Pickering, Ont. school at the centre of this week’s stabbing attack.

In a statement released Friday, the Durham District School Board addressed allegations about alleged bullying incidents at Dunbarton High School, saying the allegations are “completely without merit.”

In the statement, DDSB said that the school “has thoroughly investigated these allegations and believes they relate to a single incident between two students that was reported to the school administration and in keeping with safe schools protocol, they were investigated, clarified and dealt with.”

On Tuesday, multiple students and staff members were injured following a knife attack at the high school. A 14-year-old female student was arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

DDBS said that they will not be commenting further “except to say that the inference that there were multiple incidents and that students and staff should fear future incidents is patently false.”

The school board also said that Dunbarton has experienced a “difficult week” and that students and staff are “beginning the process of healing and recovery.”