After hours of delay and an unexpected overnight stay at a hotel, the 256 passengers onboard the Air Canada jet that inadvertently drove off the runway and onto the grass at Pearson International Airport have finally left the country.

On Thursday, Airbus 330 bound for Frankfurt veered onto the grass while taxiing along the airstrip. No injuries were reported but Stephan and Nancy Jennewein said that after waiting on the plane for three hours, they were aggravated by how the incident was handled.

"(This has) been extremely frustrating. Again, incidents happen but I was extremely disappointed with the way it was handled internally," Stephan told CTV Toronto after the incident.

The couple were on their way to a wedding and weren't able to retrieve their baggage.

Officials said there was no major damage.

Emergency workers on Thursday requested air stairs to get passengers safely off the aircraft. Many aboard the plane said they were left in the dark about what was happening as they waited to leave.

"They didn't really tell us anything. They said they'll tell us what's about to happen after," a young man told reporters after having disembarked the plane.  

With a report from CTV's John Musselman.