Passengers on an Air Canada flight flying out of its new home at Toronto's Billy Bishop airport suffered delays after their aircraft got stuck in a bog on Tuesday night.

Peter Fitzpatrick, a company spokesperson, said the aircraft had left its gate at the Toronto Island-based airport when it slipped off the paved area into the soggy grass on a sharp turn.

Rather than forcing the wheel out, he said officials decided to wait and lift the plane out so as not to damage the wheel.

Passengers were asked to exit the plane and put on the next flight to Montreal more than an hour later.

Fitzpatrick said if the ground had been dry the plane, which he said was manned by an experienced pilot, wouldn't have sunk into the grass.

Air Canada began to fly out of the Billy Bishop on Sunday.

The airline said it will schedule about 15 flights from Toronto to Montreal everyday. The flights will take 70 minutes, which is the same amount of time as flying from Toronto's Pearson International airport.

The downtown-located airport has been dominated by Porter Airlines since their launch in 2006.