Ontario's African Lion Safari recently welcomed three new baby elephants to its family.

Named Hannah, Gigi and Anna May, the three Asian elephants are featured in a video that was posted to the Hamilton-area park's YouTube page on Tuesday.

"These big, beautiful babies enjoy their time playing and interacting with each other as well as with other family members," the park said in a news statement. "African Lion Safari is proud to maintain a very vibrant and cohesive multi-generational herd of Asian elephants."

According African Lion Safari, there have been 17 Asian elephants born at the park to date.

The youngest of the animals is Anna May, a female elephant that was born on May 4, weighing 240 lbs. Gigi, another female baby elephant, was born on Feb. 24, weighing 124 lbs., and Hannah was born on Oct. 19, 2014, weighing 232 lbs.

Considered an endangered species, African Lion Safari says there are between 30,000 and 50,000 Asian elephants roaming the world.

The park says it has one of the most "successful conservation" programs for Asian elephants in the world.

Visitors who want to meet the three young Asian elephants can visit them at the park's Elephant Look-Out. African Lion Safari is open daily from May 2 to Sept. 20.