The lawyer for Ashley Kirilow, the Burlington woman accused of faking cancer to collect money, says that his client will be appearing in plea court in Milton on Tuesday.

"Any number of things can happen, but there's a reason it has that title," Brendan Neil told CTV Toronto on Monday.

One complicating factor is that three new charges have been laid against Kirilow, a 23-year-old Burlington resident, he said, adding, "That's not particularly surprising in a fraud investigation."

Kirilow now faces six counts of fraud under $5,000 and one count of fraud over $5,000.

Police first charged her in early August with three counts of fraud under $5,000, but then soon added a fifth charge of fraud over $5,000. Halton police did say the investigation was continuing and that more charges could be laid.

Kirilow is accused of faking being a cancer patient and holding events to raise money for a non-existent charity.

She made herself resemble someone undergoing chemotherapy by shaving her head, plucking her eyebrows and losing weight. She told people her parents were dead, which wasn't true.

"The way she looked, the way she acted, I was under no guard. I thought she actually was a cancer patient," Jan Care, who helped Kirilow raise money, told CTV Toronto back in August.

On Facebook, her "Change for a Cure" page had more than 4,000 followers at one point.

Kirilow allegedly confessed to her father Mike, who then reported her to Halton police. She surrendered to police on Aug. 7.

While Kirilow got bail, her parents didn't help because they felt betrayed by her actions.

Neil said despite everything, negotiations with Crown attorneys are going well and that the matter is "getting very close" to a final resolution.

However, he noted that there is usually a delay between a plea and sentencing.

A person who pleaded guilty in early November likely wouldn't have a sentencing hearing until some time in the new year, Neil said.