It was traffic chaos on Toronto highways Tuesday morning after two separate accidents involving trucks.

A driver was seriously injured when a flatbed truck hauling a load of bricks rolled over on Highway 403 at Hurontario. Bricks were scattered across the highway, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

The crash, which affected the highway's eastbound lanes, caused traffic to back up all the way to Erin Mills Parkway.

Police say the truck was cut off by another car which caused the rig's driver to lose control and roll to its side on the shoulder.

Traffic was also at a standstill on Highway 401 for most of the morning after a truck burst into flames.

The rig caught fire on the eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 near Bathurst Street just after 9 a.m. The driver managed to escape before the vehicle became fully engulfed by the flames.

Firefighters were on the scene quickly and closed the road to traffic while they put out the blaze. At one point, they had to run their hose across a number of lanes on the highway when they saw that more water would be needed.

Thick black smoke made it difficult for drivers stuck in the morning traffic rush to move past the scene.

A couple of eastbound express lanes were reopened by early Tuesday afternoon. The mess is expected to be completely cleared in time for the afternoon rush home.

Police say the truck was carrying paper products. The fire caused the most damage to the engine and cab of the rig.

With a report from CTV Toronto's John Musselman