Two companies are facing dozens of charges in connection with a fatal workplace incident which occurred on Christmas Eve last year.

Four migrant workers were killed during the accident, which happened as a crew repaired a thirteenth-floor balcony on a Toronto apartment building. A fifth worker also suffered two broken legs and broken spine in the accident.

The charges come after investigators probed the cause of the scaffolding collapse.

A total of 61 charges have been laid against the two companies, said Ministry of Labour spokesman Matt Blajer.

The construction company which hired the workers, Metron Construction Corp., is facing 30 charges under the province's Occupational Health and Safety Act.

A senior manager at the company has 16 additional charges against him, and a supervisor is facing eight charges.

Meanwhile, the company which supplied the work platform, Swing ‘N' Scaff Inc., faces four charges. The company's director is facing three additional charges.

Hearings into the accident will begin on Sept. 30.

With files from The Canadian Press