Three Toronto transit employees have been fired as part of an ongoing investigation into reports of benefits fraud through the company.

The investigation began in July, when Toronto police laid criminal charges against the owner of a health care service provider frequented by TTC employees.

"It is alleged that receipts were provided to employees by Healthy Fit for claim reimbursement where no product or service was obtained, or where receipt amounts were inflated," the TTC said in a statement Friday.

"It is further alleged that Healthy Fit and the person making the improper or fraudulent claim would then share the money paid out by the TTC's insurer, Manulife Financial."

The alleged scam might have cost the transit commission and Manulife a total of $4 million.

Both Toronto police and the TTC are conducting investigations into the claims. The TTC's investigation includes interviews with employees who filed claims involving Healthy Fit.

On Friday, the TTC announced that three employees had been dismissed as a result of the interviews.

No criminal charges have been laid against the employees at this time, the transit commission said.

In October, the TTC dismissed one of its supervisors who was allegedly involved in the scam, and another four employees were let go in November as part of the investigation.

"While the TTC has insurance to protect itself against financial loss due to benefits fraud, restitution will be sought from anyone who knowingly made an improper claim against the TTC's benefits plan," Friday's statement read.