The Toronto Zoo’s female polar bear cub has marked a milestone, turning three months old this week. And, she apparently celebrated in true Canadian fashion: staff introduced the cub to snow for the first time.

Zoo officials said in a statement this week that as the cub develops, they have been introducing her to objects she can engage with. They said after being introduced to snow for the first time this week, she will continue to spend time outdoors “to slowly become familiarized with the area which will become her new home.”

In the brief update, the zoo said the cub now weighs 16.5 lbs, and is feeding five times a day. She still receives formula, but meat is slowly being added to her diet.

The cub remains in the maternity den of the polar bear exhibit and is still not viewable to the public. “However, we will let fans know when she will be making her public debut,” the zoo said.

polar bear cub