The man who pleaded guilty to stalking country music songstress Shania Twain was sentenced on Tuesday to three years probation.

Giovanni (John) Palumbo, a former Ottawa doctor, pleaded guilty in September to failing to comply with a court order and criminal harassment of the country music singer.

Palumbo, who has been in custody in Toronto since March, recently completed a three-week psychiatric assessment.

The judge on Tuesday also ordered Palumbo to stay in treatment and counselling, not be within half a kilometre of any place where the singer is known to be, and to not have any contact or direct or indirect communication with Twain.

Palumbo's sentencing was delayed last month after the Crown decided that they want the doctor who assessed Palumbo to take the stand.

Dr. Helen Ward testified earlier on Tuesday that a psychiatric review found Palumbo is living with a bipolar disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

Palumbo interrupted her testimony on Tuesday by shouting: "I'm not narcissistic, I agree you're all superior to me."

Palumbo has caused several delays with shouting outbursts while in court.

During previous court appearances, Palumbo stated he would plead guilty as he attempted to speak directly to Twain as she testified through a video feed.

He also declared that everyone in the courtroom was "a bunch of psychopaths" and shouted "shame" at the judge when he was denied bail.

Palumbo was arrested in March for allegedly breaking a restraining order by attending the Juno Awards where Twain was being entered into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Prior to that incident, Twain had placed a restraining order against Palumbo for sending her hundreds of letters and showing up at her Muskoka cottage.

Defence lawyers wanted Palumbo to be credited for the time he's served in custody.

The Crown, on the other hand, was pushing for a five-month conditional sentence and probation.

With files from The Canadian Press