Police have confirmed that they will not be laying charges against Toronto Star Reporter Daniel Dale after an incident last week where the mayor accused him of trespassing.

Dale was on public land near Mayor Rob Ford's Etobicoke home on May 2 at about 8 p.m., reporting on a story about a piece of land the mayor wants to buy.

The mayor confronted Dale, who dropped both his phone and his voice recorder and fled. Ford called the police and accused Dale of looking over his fence, taking pictures and trespassing.

On the night of the incident, Ford spoke to reporters outside his home, saying he would press charges against Dale if he had to.

Dale was later questioned by police.

On Wednesday afternoon, one week after the incident, Dale tweeted that charges would not be laid, which Toronto Police confirmed.

"The police say there's no evidence I was ever looking over Mayor Ford's fence. Because I was never looking over Mayor Ford's fence," Dale said on Twitter Wednesday.

Dale also said that police had returned his BlackBerry, which he was using to take pictures of the land behind the mayor's home, but later dropped in the altercation with the mayor.

The BlackBerry didn't have any pictures or videos on it from the night of the incident, Dale said.

"In summary: No trespassing. No looking over the fence. No photos whatsoever. No videos whatsoever," Dale said.

After the incident, the mayor threatened a media blackout, saying he would not speak to any reporters when Dale was present.

Ford has, so far, made good on that promise, refusing to speak to reporters at his weekly public weigh in on Tuesday.