Someone has plucked a giant fiberglass rooster from a farmer's yard in southern Ontario.

Provincial police say they are searching for a 2.5-metre tall rooster that disappeared from the entrance of Sonia and Frank Dierick's chicken farm near Simcoe, Ont., between last Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

"We just showed up at the barn Friday and it was gone," Sonia Dierick told CTV News Channel Tuesday afternoon.

Whoever took the decorative bird broke it off at the drumsticks, leaving the legs behind.

The statue is white and yellow, and features a red comb.

"However they took it, you would have noticed it. Unfortunately, it was nighttime," Dierick said. "It's not something you can hide."

Dierick's late father-in-law bought the bird in Texas. Everything, after all, is bigger in Texas.

Police say the giant bird statue is valued at $3,000.

Dierick said she has no idea who could be behind such a scheme.

"We are hoping it will be returned," she said.